A responsible and enlightened company

At Les Délices des 7 Vallées, we share the same vision of sustainable development.
 We are, therefore, all driven by a common desire to carry out our business in consideration of all of our stakeholders:
customers and suppliers, employees and their families, public stakeholders,
while respecting the energy and plant resources that nature offers.

Every day, we invest more and our commitments are based around 3 themes:
human capital, the environment and products.


The well-being of our employees is at the heart of our Human Resources policy. We welcome them by offering them an integration journey based on the discovery of the company. We accompany them throughout their professional career by giving them the opportunity to follow training courses that encourage internal promotion. We encourage a relationship based on trust and exchange. We are proud to be SWA certified (Safety, Ethics, Environment).

The diversity of our employees, be that cultural, social or professional, is a factor of progress, cohesion and performance for our company. We thus encourage pluralism as well as equal opportunities for everyone, to guarantee the principle of non-discrimination and enhance skills.

For the optimal safety of our employees and their environment, training and awareness sessions for safety rules are regularly set up within our Company, because we consider that safety is everyone’s business.

Commitment, loyalty, respect, transparency and generosity are human values ​​that are dear to us and that we have the pleasure to highlight with charities to which we offer our delicacies.


At Les DELICES DES 7 VALLEES, we want our products to be qualitative, innovative and gourmet and for them to delight and provide a true moment of pleasure to those who enjoy them.

We also want our products to respect the environment, and for that we foster a premium and eco-responsible policy. Just as we foster a clean label approach for even more “natural” products.

The ingredients we use meet the highest standards of quality, authenticity and transparency. We choose suppliers with the utmost care who comply with all the provisions of the Supplier Code of Conduct established within our company.

Our products are manufactured exclusively on our 2 BRC and IFS certified production sites, guaranteeing quality products and irreproachable food safety.


In order to reduce our impact on the environment, we have translated our own ambitions into 6 strong commitments:

  • Reduce energy consumption
  • Fight against food losses and waste
  • Reduce and recover waste
  • Put in place a water management system
  • Act with supplies
  • Manage packaging and end of life

In order to involve all our employees and partners in our approach, we have put in place an environmental charter in which we communicate our commitments and the simple actions to be taken in our factories.  These commitments are also included in our Supplier Code of Conduct.